Monday, 22 February 2010

Episode 1: Seasons 1-5

Hello and welcome to a brand new Lost-obsessed podcast. For the final season of LOST, Tom & Mog will be theorising and dissecting each episode every week. Expect outlandish theories and general random banter.

In preparation to their weekly Lockdown podcasts as the final series of the TV show Lost airs, Tom & Mog expose their inner geek to condense down seasons 1-5's 72 hours of story line down to under 25 minutes. Donning the caps of expert Lost-oholics, they explain the characters, main plot lines and surprises of the seasons to those new to the program or anyone just wanting a refresher of what they may have forgotten over the last 5 years.


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Let us know what you think, any theories of your own that you think we've missed we'd love to hear them.

Tom & Mog

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